Autodeals History

Autodeals, the cloud based dealer management software (DMS) for Auto Dealers, was originally started in 2007 as a research and development project by Patrick Wyer. Mr. Wyer had responsibility for the Telecommunications and Security departments of a large grocery store chain with $2+ Billion in sales. Mr. Wyer started the project to build a secure internet ordering system to replicate electronic business transactions across the internet. The intent was to model these transactions and understand the technical, and administrative controls required to perform these transactions in a secure, reliable and scalable manner.
As part of the original requirements, the application system had to operate as an enterprise class application able to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) and US Defense Information System Agency (DISA) security standards. The requirements dictated levels of security, performance, and reliability found in enterprise applications used by major corporations, and the US Government.
The system was based upon open source technologies hosted within a secure, hardened facility. During the first three years, the security model, application control, system logging, access control, and program control functions were designed, developed, tested, and implemented. As part of completing this process and implementing the internet ordering system, Mr. Wyer realized he had developed a foundation for rapid development of internet based business applications. The resulting secure, reliable, and scalable enterprise application platform, he named the Arreol Business System (ABS).
In early 2011, Mr. Wyer financed an Auto Sales company, and ABS was applied to the first auto industry application. He quickly identified the current dealer management, and accounting software had severe limitations in their ability to support the basic needs of a dealer. He found immediate needs to significantly improve down payment accountability, floor planning tracking and reporting, sales commissions tracking and reporting, service management and decision support to this new business. As time went on, more problems, limitations and weaknesses were identified in the auto industry tools. Mr. Wyer continued to replace the industry tools with more robust software and improved business processes over the next few years.
Not only did Mr. Wyer find the vendor applications had business process problems, he also experienced reliability problems with these vendors. Software vendors routinely made changes, updates, upgrades, and fixes that resulted in intermittent downtime and business disruption. Even the market leading vendors routinely made changes to their applications with no notice, resulting in lost time, and frustration.
Additionally, the low margins and pressure from operating an Auto Dealership continued to push down profitability. He found Auto Dealers have to be operationally excellent and maintain extreme cost controls to be competitive. At the same time auto dealership software vendors were increasing his costs, by making web sites and DMS software more expensive. It was at this time, Mr. Wyer decided to eliminate all of the third party software providers and make one, secure, reliable, cost effective DMS and back office solution available to all Auto Dealers.
Over the following two years, Mr. Wyer worked to bring the Autodeals DMS and Hawk to the general availability of all Dealers. While in operation with his original company for nearly seven years, the Autodeals DMS and Hawk were made generally available to all Auto dealers in March of 2018.
Mr. Wyer is eager to help Dealers by delivering simple, operationally excellent, cost effective, and secure software that drives their business forward, and improves their prospects for success.

Who is Autodeals?

Autodeals, Inc. is a dealer management system that combines cloud based technology with streamlined business processes to run your business faster, safer, easier, and more profitable. Autodeals has been in business since 2013. Autodeals offers dealers software as a service in a comprehensive package. The DMS includes sales contact management, deal management, contracts and forms management, document imaging, BHPH, accounting, sales commissions reporting, service management, inventory management, the Hawk auction tool, regulatory compliance and advanced decision support capabilities. Internet web sites, vehicle valuations, vehicle history reports and lead generation services are also available through Autodeals. Autodeals uses the Arreol Business System (ABS) operating environment. The Hawk is a market leading auction tool only available through the Autodeals DMS. For a free 30 day trial please select Sign-Up.

Who is Patrick Wyer?

The President and lead developer of Autodeals is Patrick Wyer. Mr. Wyer has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering ‘88 (BSEE) from Clemson University. He is a past member of (ISC)2 as a CISSP. He has spent more than twenty years in information technology, management, and engineering. Mr. Wyer has participated in a number of startups including International Network Services, NetEffect Corporation, Insphere, Arreol Business Solutions(Foodgee), Integrity Investment Group (World Auto), and Autodeals . Patrick is married with three children and lives in Greenville, South Carolina. Patrick can be reached at contactus@autodealsc.com.